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2nd and 3rd virtual meetings

2ndVOLinACT virtual meeting, 16-12-2020

Due to The COVID-19 pandemic, the 2nd meeting of VOLinACT project took place online. The project outputs and related activities were presented and agreed upon by all the partners, the project coordinator provided a description and brief analysis of the work plan.

The partners substantively discussed the finalization of the first intellectual output IO1, more specifically, the preparation of a questionnaire for the purposes of Raising Awareness for Training Volunteers. The target groups (volunteers trainers and Experts in forest firefighting), the content of such a questionnaire were defined.

With the purpose of most efficient result, to enrich the project with quality content, the partners decided to present two good practices each in the field of Fire Fighting.

3nd Virtual meeting 20-01-2021

The 3rd VOLinACT project meeting took place virtually. It was held on 20.01.2021.

There was a very fruitful discussion, the result of which was a finalization of the questionnaire that will assist the participants in mapping skills and competencies across the Volunteers' Fire Protection Organizations in the participating countries.

With the help of the questionnaire, skills and competences needed for fire fighters volunteers will be identified, gaps in volunteers' knowledge recognized, best practices of the partners taken into consideration.

The partners also set the guidelines for work on the dissemination of the information related to the VOLinACT project.

1st Virtual meeting

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The map of the project VOLinACT

"VOLunteers in ACTion : Raising Awareness For Volunteer Fire Fighters (VOLinACT)" 

"VOLunteers in ACTion : Raising Awareness For Volunteer Fire Fighters (VOLinACT)"